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Cheat VVIP Point Blank PB Garena Indonesia

Cheat VVIP Point Blank PB Garena Indonesia, Yang Tentu Saja Membuat Kalian Menjadi Terbaik dari para pemain pb lainnya karena kalian akan bisa selalu headshot HS dan Lainnya Seperti CT Memasang BOM atau Tero Mendefuse BOM Polisi Memasang BOm Baru tahukan :v Aneh Tapi Nyata Loh Bisa Memasang BOM Auto HS Dengan AIM Juga BIsa jadi tunggu apalagi Download saja di Gudang Ngecit. Dengan Menggunakan Cheat PB Garena Simple Hack Saja Kalian Bisa Mengalahkan Semua Musuh Apalagi Menggunaan VVIP

Nah Apa Saja Fiftur Dari Cheat Tersebut Simak DI Bawah ...

Fitur Cheat VIp Auto HS

  •     Wallhack
  •     NoSmoke
  •     Crosshair
  •     No Recoil
  •     Fast Reload
  •     Rank
  •     Auto heashot
  •     Aim bullet Head
  •     Aim bullet Body

Fitur Cheat Semi / Semi VIp

  •     Wallhack
  •     NoSmoke
  •     Chams TR
  •     Chams CT
  •     Crosshair
  •     ESP Tag
  •     ESP Line
  •     ESP Bone
  •     ESP Health
  •     Ammo ++
  •     Rank
  •     No Recoil
  •     Burst Piso
  •     Quick Reload
  •     AWP NoKokang
  •     No Fall Damage
  •     Suicide

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015

Ninja Heroes Full Hack and Tips


Cheat Ninja Heroes Latest tricks and Tips, and there is also a Tutorial get a Ninja Level S and SS Or SSS.
Surely you guys want to get tricks or tips about Ninja Heroes So you better visit this site because it provides a lot of Tips and tricks there are also Cheat Ninja Heroes.

Ninja Heroes Latest Tricks you can get easily in the barn a complete Ngecit discusses the Ninja Heroes.

Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Cheat Point Blank Terbaru Auto HS

Download Cheat PB Garena Terbaru 2015 
Cheat PB Garena Yang Work Untuk Kalian Semua.

Cit PB Garena
Cheat Point Blank Garena
Cit PB Terbaru

[-] Wallhack
[-] Wallhack Leopard
[-] CrossHair
[-] No Smoke
[-] ESP Box
[-] ESP Rank
[-] ESP Head
[-] ESP Health
[-] ESP Distance
[-] ESP Line
[-] Macro Mose
[-] No Respawn
[-] Rank Skill
[-] Fast Reload 0 Detik
[-] Fast QQ (WIN 7 ONLY)
[-] Double Jumper
[-] NORECOIL (Peluru tidak goyang saat di tembakan )
[-] AWP lurus HOT (Main AWP tanpa Keker)
[-] GHOST (Jurus ninja)
[-] AUTO HEADSHOT (No Ribet)
[-] Target Lock (Kepala - Badan- Kaki)
[-] Aim Bot Killer (HOT ++)
[-] Fake WS
[-] Magnet

Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

Why Ostrich Points Larger Than The Brain?

Hello there ... The ostrich is arguably the biggest bird species on planet Earth. But unfortunately these birds do not fly unless only ran at a speed of about 80 km/h. Wow! However, the ostrich male likes to play his wings when he was dating to attract females.

It is an omnivorous animal which means eaters of everything. They eat fruits, spice shrubs, tree leaves, tubers, all small reptiles, and small animals that are caught.

But the ostrich's brain is smaller than the eye balls. Ostrich eye has a diameter of about 5 cm long with a weight of approximately 42 grams, and it's bigger than a giant elephant's eye. In comparison, the human eye balls only half the ostrich's eye. The diameter of our eyes just 2.4 cm.

But everything that happens in the universe is not without reason. For all the sharp view of birds, is very important. Yet another for ostrich. Big eye ostrich this gives security in their habitat. With a big head and burly body then it can guarantee the bird can't fly is able to repel predators away.

But why the ostrich's brain is smaller than seeds? All right. The actual size of the brain of all animals has been adjusted to the best for their survival. The results of natural selection has chosen the ostrich with eyes bigger than the brain can live up to this day. If the ostrich can say, ' I am the best genes so that graduated from natural selection and the right to live to this day.

Do you know what is the strongest Animal in the world?

Hello there ... Do you know what exactly is the most powerful animal on planet Earth. Gajahkah, kerbaukah, or a camel? Yes, suspected most people will definitely lead to the animals to transport goods as such. In absolute terms it was indeed true. But if based off of a percentage of the load which was taken, they are not nothing with the strongest animals on this one.

He is the rhinoceros Beetle, if we look at the size and weight proportionately, this animal is capable of lifting weights that are much heavier than the burden of his own body.

The animal is also known as the elephant beetles or beetle hercules, the name given to various species of the family Scarabaeidae. With a size of only about 15 cm, the animal is capable of lifting loads weighing 850 times the load of his own body. Wow!

This is indeed a super strong animal. When lifting heavy objects, it is likened as a man who are lifting weights weighing 60 tons or lifting the car 60 units at once.

Most popular epithet for this animal is "Rhino", because of the construction of these animals have a horned head similar to those of a rhino that serves to fight competitors who dare to try to seduce his wife. In other words the Horn was used to fight for love.

Many people believe that the strongest animal on Earth is the elephant. Yes, for a while it is indeed true. The elephants are capable of lifting goods weighing 2000 pounds or 2 tons, but unfortunately this number only 33% of the body weight of an elephant.

When compared to the power of the rhinoceros beetle is able to lift weights 850 times more weight from her body, apparently the elephant is much strong if compared with the rhinoceros beetle if calculated in percentage. If it has a rhinoceros beetle the size of an elephant's body, perhaps it will flip over the world's largest bulldozer tried to push it.

The Cause Of The First Extinct Javan Tiger

A spoil Tiger (Rampogan matjan) is a show on the era around the 1900 's in the form of the slaughter of the Tiger. This performance is thought to be the first cause of the shrinking of the population and accelerate the extinction of the Javan Tiger.

When the show was held, the Tigers released into the arena, while the surrounding the meeting was raided by people who carry Spears. When the Tigers tried to get out of the arena and was about to break through the fence is human, then dozens of Spears stuck into Tiger apes. Then he die soaked in blood.

Not only is the Javan Tiger are victimized, but any big cat that managed to get caught in the woods like a Leopard and Panther (except cat House).

As a result, in 1950 it was reported the number of Javan tiger that lives in the forest only 25 tails only. Then in 1980, IUCN has officially stated that the Javan tiger was extinct and no need to doubt. A very legendary Java Tiger is now truly a memorable stay.

Performances are usually held at Tiger goods on Kediri and Blitar with witnessed by thousands of spectators and dignitaries local customs as well as high officials of the Government of the Netherlands East Indies. However, in 1905, the Dutch Government banned the event.

Rampogan matjan first is the cause of the Javan Tiger (panthera tigris sondaica) hunted deliberately to serve as media show. In contrast to the way farmers trap the Tiger to save their livestock.

Today, Java island is really no Tiger loreng, except the Tiger so-jadian. Although some researchers such as Rev. Giri Joon and Syed Raharyono denied the Javan Tiger have not become extinct, but to this day they have not been able to show evidence of recordings or photographs of the Javan Tiger alive as proof that the Java Tiger kingpin is still the King of the jungle on the island of Java.

However, recently many citizens claiming to cross paths with the Javan tiger in the jungle. There is also a mountain climber who claims to be met in the woods of the Javan Tiger mount slamet.

Photo Of The Original Java Tiger Skull Size

Following this there is a photo of the skull head of the Javan Tiger (panthera tigris sondaica) that you can use as a benchmark to find out how big the size of the head of the Javan Tiger. This photo is a animalbattle.yuku.com belonging to private collections.

Skull photos below are courtesy of the Javan Tiger adult males. Actually, the Javan Tiger has a size slightly larger than the Sumatran tiger.

Dog fractionally shorter, but is slightly larger. Nasal and narrow neck.
When compared to the skull of the Sumatran tiger (panthera tigris in the peer), the Javan Tiger skull more vaulted, is greater in the field of the pulpit, as well as a slightly larger and heavier.

Most of the living Tiger subspecies on the island has a size smaller than the subspecies living in the Mainland. But according to Mazak, Dutch biologist and naturalist, the Javan Tiger have the size equal to the Chinese Tiger (panthera tigris amoyensis) or slightly smaller. He thinks that think the Javan Tiger could be the offspring of the Tiger Ngangdong size is very large.